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No doubt you will find benevolent aspects of Scientology. And these features are great. It’s probably why it's got lasted so very long.

The only other possibility, When the shore story earlier mentioned is in almost any way true, and it is an effective likelihood Probably from what we know with the Homunculous (Miscavige) (very good term that from Reality Teller) is that this awful vicious tiny worm invented this nonsense to view how easy It could be to con men and women or how easy it'd be to feed people today any aged nonsense. Some weird small “management” workout of his that he then spends days about laughing with his fellow rock slammer Execs as to how silly some people can be in believing this nonsense.

No other religion forces CHILDREN into their harshest orders, or threatens members of those orders with mega-greenback invoices for solutions supposedly rendered although during the purchase, and disconnection from their possess people if they choose to depart.

Ortega obtained new tax documents that revealed the main a few tiers of your Church (which happens to be a non-income Firm) have a blended book worth of $1.5 billion.

Being that we are spiritual beings, it’s unachievable to not have spiritual activities. I also have reported that the aim of liberation can not be had in Scientology as the Trainer wasn't liberated. Can’t study fat reduction within the Extra fat male:-))

Mike as the New Year causes it to be’s look,you have such a profound & nicely prepared piece on Ron and his Activity.It really made me evaluate some incredibly acquainted visuals from decades back in A different brighter mild.Ron just cherished click here his personal viewpoint a great deal of he was ready to sacrifice a lot of on his altar.My 1st months in Sea Org @ Asho File,no-a person fairly realized where by To place me.So In addition to managing the folding device Yikes! I also received to carry out Distinctive drills looking at I'd Considerably catching up to perform getting not been in org or mission prior.At a person stage a GO/ Facts was the Org board title but go through Intelligence stopped by where by I had been in a training course desk and basically mentioned,Two points Ann.

The human defeat box, this fella was most likely the 1 I used to be most surprised by. He is without a doubt a member though, accomplishing at activities for individuals who also study the religion.

You will find there's Large amount of use of the symbology by Hubbard. The covers from the books he built, the colors he applied, the costume scientology beliefs on abortion from the figures was all based on his Suggestions about the “R6 bank” And the way to regulate men and women.

The center of criticism really lies with the OT/BT doctrine. There's been no sage, no clever male, no saint and no liberated one that has appear up with this BT things. Which makes Ron the sole guy inside the history of without end to uncover this.

Scientologists, Celebrities and PR spokespeople dish up this line routinely to generate on their own seem benign and unthreatening.

Scientology likes to tell people today that it's appropriate with other religions, and that you choose to don’t have to leave your existing religion to affix Scientology.

A commenter offered this and it really IS scientology beliefs crazy the last word. The Formal statement of your church for the IRS in seeking tax exempt status. Bolding mine:

Which joy and liberty was of course not attained by Ron. The corollary of which is that he couldn't direct us to that state.

Penny, absolutely nothing composed in this article is pulled aside bits away from context. You believe what you should believe and I believe what I want to believe, but Enable’s not pretend it’s some thing in addition to what it can be.

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